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Treatments and Services

Adolescent, Young Adult, Adult Individual Therapy

Every individual is unique and special. Sometimes we need extra help to manage bumps that come along the way.   Maneuvering through adolescence, young adulthood and on to full adulthood can be challenging.  My goal is to guide each individual and help them find a way to manage and cope with life's challenges.  My approach is welcoming, warm, caring  and a supportive combination of client- centered strength based therapy,  cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness training.     


Grief and Illness Counseling

Adolescents and adults may experience the traumatic physical loss of  a family member or friend due to death.   They  may also experience  loss  due to a severe illness that changes the type of relationship they have shared with their loved one.   Loss changes an individual's life and  may cause them to feel extreme sadness and confusion.  Individuals may lose interest in pleasurable activities, and have difficulty concentrating. My therapeutic approach is to help individuals process the loss in a loving, warm and nurturing environment that allows for flexibility due to age and specific needs.  The ultimate goal is to help foster resilience and to develop successful coping strategies that will enable them to work through their grief.      


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence based behavioral  treatment that has proven very effective in work with adolescents and adults.   CBT uses strategies that are both collaborative and active.  These strategies help individuals gain a better understanding of the  maladaptive thoughts, emotions, physical reactions, and behaviors that are maintaining the undesired  distress.  The individual then learns new skills and strategies that can be put into use in real-world situations, gradually gaining control over their emotions and behavior. 

Fees and Insurance


I do not accept insurance.  I am an out of network provider, if your insurance has out of network benefits.

It is always helpful to check with your health insurance carrier about your coverage ahead of time.  


Individual Fees:

$250 for an initial evaluation session of one hour

$200 for each subsequent 50-minute session


Family Fees:

$300 for an initial evaluation session of one hour

$250 for each 50-minute session


Reduced Fee:

Reduced or "sliding scale" fee services are available on a limited basis to clients not using insurance who cannot afford the full fee.



Zelle, Venmo, check or credit card  accepted for payment on the day of service.


Cancellation Policy

If you miss your scheduled therapy appointment, and have not given at least 24 hours notice in advance, you will be responsible for the full cost of the session. Insurance does not cover missed sessions. Allowances may be made for emergencies or sudden illnesses.



ADHD Assessment and Therapy
Adolescents and adults often struggle with the challenges associated with the symptoms of ADHD. I help clients and their families assess, understand and manage these challenges to help decrease the interruption of living a successful, productive and joyful life.  Together we develop specific skills to manage the most problematic symptoms of their type of ADHD.  My approach uses skill building support around organizational challenges, distracted attention and procrastination,  along with emotional support and a strength based perspective to build a healthy self esteem.  

Parent Consultation

I offer parenting consultation to support and give guidence to parents who are struggling with raising challenging teens.  I offer guidance and education to help parents identify problem behavior. We then develop a plan of action for you and your child which will  lead to a more  peaceful and understanding family dynamic.

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